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Calendar for the year 2001/2002
Mini-conference in Brno

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ATECR / EDEN invites you to

"Entering the Garden of EDEN"
A one-day seminar on ways to use drama to bring the ELT classroom alive

Who is this meeting for?
The seminar is for all teachers who are curious about learning new communicative approaches to teaching English - and how this is related to drama.

Many English teachers are put off by the idea of using drama - it sounds 'arty', unfocused, undisciplined, and opposed to the usual teaching routine. But in fact, introducing drama into the classroom doesn't necessarily mean running out into the rain and pretending to be a tree. Just a few simple drama techniques can enrich your teaching and bring a new element to your classroom - and possibly make lessons more communicative and effective.

And, of course, the seminar is for all whom want to meet like-minded colleagues interested in exploring and sharing ideas.

The seminar is accredited by the Ministry of Education; the accreditation number is 28168/2001-25-125.

The seminar is for all teachers who are curious about learning new communicative approaches to teaching English - and how this is related to drama.

What will happen at the seminar?
Participants will choose to join one of three streams:

  • Drama in the classroom with young learners
  • Drama in the classroom with secondary students
  • Creating a performance with students

In each stream, participants will attend three workshops in which they will discover different approaches to integrating drama in their schools. Participants will get the chance to meet and work with internationally known ELT drama specialists from Austria and the Czech Republic - as well as with ELT teacher trainers with a background in drama education. They will gain practical methods that they can introduce in their classrooms, as well as learn about international trends in ELT and drama education.

Who are the leaders?
Leaders of the sessions will include:

Karl Eigenbauer, who will give an opening speech about ELT and drama as well as lead sessions. Karl is the chairman of the secondary schools division of the Amateur Theatre Association in Austria, and he organizes amateur schools theatre festivals in English.

Mag Gabriele Friedl lives in Vienna, where she teaches English through theatre at a high school. During the seminar, she will focus on ways how to use theatre plays in an ELT classroom - including creating character and content, working with stage directions, improvisation, developing "before and after", as well as literary interpretation of plays, creative writing.... In addition the workshop will provide numerous suggestions for plays and literature that can be used for drama work.

Radka Svobodová teaches drama education at the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University. For the past two years, she has been working for the British Council training English teachers on ways that drama can be used in the language classroom.

David Fisher and Dominika Adamová of the Bear Educational Project, theatre project that brings plays in the English language to schools.

Leah Gaffen founded the project ELT and Drama for the British Council. Previously she organized Class Acts Theatre Festivals, national festivals of English-language performances by Czech students.

Other sessions will be led by Eden members who have experience integrating drama in their English classrooms and running drama sessions in the Czech Republic.

Tentative Timetable
Saturday, 20 April
8.30 - 9.30Registration, Coffee break
9.30 - 10.20Plenary/ workshop
10.30 - 11.30Session 1 in streams
11.30 - 12.00Coffee break
12.00 - 13.00Session 2 in streams
13.00 - 14.15Coffee Break
14.15 - 15.45Session 3 in streams
15.50 - 16. 40Final word and possible performances

Participants are asked to bring their own sandwiches as lunch is not provided

Janáček Academy of Performing Arts
Mozartova 1
662 15 Brno
Czech Republic

How to get there
From the bus station Zvonarka, go along the footbridge past TESCO and you'll get to the main railway station. Take the direction towards Hotel Grand . Hotel Grand is on your left and you follow tram n.1 track in the direction Kralovo Pole. The track turns to the left, follow it and you'll see the building of Mahenovo Divadlo (theatre) on the right and on the left the building of Krajsky soud (court). Turn into Dvorakova street and then take the first to the right - Mozartova street. The venue - Jamu is on the corner in front of you.

Saturday 20 April, 2002

The fee for ATECR members is 100 Kč, for non-members is 150 Kč and should be paid in advance. If you pay at the door, the fee is 150 Kč for members and 200 Kč for non-members.

How to pay:
Česká spořitelna
Oblastní pobočka Liberec
Felberova 12/9
Liberec 4
Asociace učitelů ang.
číslo: 000 000 - 0983172339/0800
Specifický symbol: 04

If you pay in advance, please bring proof of payment with you on 20 April.

We have a limited amount of accommodations available for Friday 19 April and Saturday 20 April at 200-250kc per person. Please inform us by 15 March if you need accommodation (see application form). We will send you details about the accommodations when we receive your application.

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